Discounts Galore

I wanted to share several websites where you can get discounts for Orlando businesses.

The first one is Groupon. If you sign up for the Groupon e-mails, then you will get an e-mail daily letting you know what the deal is that day. You can purchase the coupons from 50% to 90% off the regular price.

Two other websites are Living Social and Half Off Depot. They offer similar type deals, all for different businesses. An example of a coupon you can purchase from Half Off Depot is $25 worth of food and drinks at Mojo Cajun Bar and Grill for $12.50. I recommend signing up for all three so that you can pick and choose which deals you like best.

Orlando Food

One other website that offers deals to restaurants is Here you can purchase $25 gift certificates for $10, $50 gift certificates for $20, etc. If you sign-up for their e-mails, the prices go down at certain times with a discount code. The $25 gift certificates go down to $2 with the 80% discount code. These certificates do have some restrictions such as a gratuity being automatically added and sometimes they cannot be used for drinks. It just depends on the restaurant. It is a great way to try a new restaurant at a lower price that you may not have tried otherwise. I also often find new restaurants I did not know about on here.

Finally, I wanted to share that Orlando Weekly offers contests each week to win prizes for free movie tickets, theme park tickets, etc. You can sign-up here each week to be entered in them. You never know what you could win! I have won free movie tickets several times.

Hope that helps you save a little money and try somewhere new!

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