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7 Steps to Selling Your Home from the National Association of Realtors:

Step 1: Plan and Prepare to Sell Your House

-Maximize your home’s value by making it look its best

Step 2: Get a Realtor

-Your Realtor can take you through the rest of the steps

-Your Realtor can also take you through the steps of a short sale and save you from incurring a full foreclosure. I have included a checklist of everything needed for a short sale at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: Set the Price

-See below on how to price your home

Step 4: Market It

Step 5: Sell It

Step 6: Closing

Step 7: Moving

How to Price Your Home: by Marcie Geffner

• Abandon your personal point of view
• Get a couple of CMAs (comparative market analysis)
• Do your own market research
• Calculate the price per square foot for similar homes in your neighborhood
• Consider market conditions
• Sweeten the transaction terms. The more appealing you can make it, the more eager buyers will be.

Why Use a Realtor When Selling: by Ron Schmeadick

Marketing: A Realtor can properly market your homes via multiple channels to ensure that the maximum amount of potential buyers are reached.
Security: You can ensure that only pre-screened buyers that are accompanied by real estate agents are allowed into your home.
Negotiating: Your Realtor can take you through the whole process of negotiating the deal and protecting your best interests throughout the entire transaction from beginning to end.
Monitoring and closing: Your Realtor will be there for the entire transaction whenever questions may arise until the deal is successfully closed.

**A Realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors. They proudly uphold the NAR code of ethics and display a higher knowledge of the processes of buying and selling real estate. Make sure that your real estate agent is a Realtor.


Short-Sale Checklist: Download PDF

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