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Thai Basil Garlic Chicken

I wanted to share my Yelp website with you. I will be reviewing Orlando restaurants and businesses to further assist in any recommendations you may need around the city. Please see the link to the right to check out my reviews.

I also have my favorite hotspots listed. I hope they will be helpful for you.

I love cooking and trying new recipes. I enjoy finding recipes that are both healthy and delicious. I keep a recipe notebook of collected recipes from various magazines, websites, etc. that I like. I like this method better than buying cookbooks because, I never like all of the recipes in a cookbook. Plus, it’s free. I wanted to share a great recipe blog with you. It’s called Fatfree Vegan and the link is to the right.

Even if you are not vegan (which I am not), there are some delicious recipes that anyone would enjoy. I often just add chicken or shrimp. However, you will find that many recipes are filling enough without any meat. It’s a great place to get some ideas for healthy meals.

My favorite recipe I have made from there is the Quinoa Vegetable Paella. I make it and eat it for a week without getting sick of it.

I know we are all trying to be more healthy these days so, I hope this helps out a little. Happy cooking!

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