Window Tinting

I wanted to share some great benefits of window tinting. I recently had my condo’s windows tinted (keep in mind I have floor to ceiling windows throughout my condo). I have definitely reaped the benefits already! My power bill has gone down and the heat rejection is amazing. I can actually turn my air a few degrees up even in the hottest month of the year. Plus the clarity is even better and, it has tremendously enhanced my view. Other concerns of mine were my dark wood floors and leather coach fading, which the window tint will now prevent from happening.

I chose Orlando Window Tint Specialists for the job. They are extremely professional, honest, courteous, and the best at what they do. I am very satisfied in the work and the service that I received. Check out some information on window tinting below. I receommend this service to all home owners, especially those in the hot Florida sun.

The Sun’s harmful rays can:
-Damage your floors
-Discolor your new furniture
-Fade precious artwork
-Destroys your beautiful window treatments

The bright sun can make rooms unbearable at certain times of the day while causing extreme hot and cold spots throughout your house. Your electric bill will skyrocket for most of the year as the air conditioner strains, working overtime to deal with the demand.

Window Film can eliminate all of these problems.

Applying window tint to your home’s existing windows:
-Drastically reduces the amount of heat coming into your house.
-Immediately lowers your electric bill.
-Blocks at least 99% of the sun’s harmful UV Rays.
-Increases safety and durability of windows.

Source: Orlando Window Tint Specialists

Check out Orlando Window Tint Specialists’ Website to learn more on the benefits of window tint.

Sneak Preview Of My Next Brite Girl Article: Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando

Why It’s Hot:


Downtown Orlando has become the “it” place to live for young professionals, attorneys, doctors, families, you name it. The area has grown tremendously with the addition of the Amway Center and all of the businesses that have opened. Imagine being able to walk to Publix, 7 Eleven, the movies, Magic Games and concerts, countless restaurants, and any kind of nightlife you desire. Where else can you enjoy a wine flight and cheese plate at 101 Eola; tapas, freshly made sangria, and live Flamenco music at Ceviche; and then end the night at the 80s music favorite, the Lodge. Did I mention this is all from walking distance from your luxury high rise condo where you can view the city lights every night? In downtown Orlando, there is always something to do. Every 3rd Thursday, there is an Art Walk where you can visit all of the new exhibits at the art galleries downtown like CityArts Factory and the Gallery at Avalon Island. Every Sunday, there is a Farmer’s Market from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and often there are festivals on the weekends that families and friends can enjoy. The new Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts has started construction and is slated to be finished in a few years. This will only add more value to the downtown Real Estate. You will then be able to walk to a Broadway play or a ballet! Downtown Orlando is thriving with excitement and culture. There is something for everyone. Check out some of the most popular residential towers and their prices below.

The Solaire

Right in the heart of downtown Orlando, you cannot beat the Solaire’s location. This tower is in great financial health with only a few units left for sale. The Solaire is FHA approved.


Rent: From $1,300 for 1/1 Buy: From $122,000 for 1/1




The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is located in the trendy Thornton Park area. The units here are the largest of the downtown towers. Many new businesses and restaurants such as the Prickly Pear and Nick’s Italian Kitchen have opened around the Sanctuary.


Rent: From $2,200 for 2/2 Buy: From $400,000 for 3/3




101 Eola

101 Eola is also located in Thornton Park, across from the Sanctuary. This tower is FHA approved as well.


Rent: From $1,200 for 1/1 Buy: From $180,000 for 1/1

6 Common Buyer Questions for A Realtor

I get these questions a lot so, I thought I would go ahead and answer them…

Q: Can a Realtor help me if the listing is not his or hers?

A: Yes! The listing agent has the listing and the buyer’s agent is the one assisting you, the buyer. It can be the same Realtor assisting both the buyer and seller but often times it is another Realtor working for the buyer.

Q: Does each Realtor only have his or her own listings available to show?

A: No! Each Realtor (as long as they are a Realtor) has access to the MLS and ALL listings. One Realtor does not have access to different listings then another. You should work with the one Realtor that you feel most comfortable with.

Q: I can look up everything online, why do I need a Realtor’s help?

A: For many reasons! First of all, a Realtor can search all listings on the MLS for you, not just the ones featured online. Second, a Realtor can assist you with the home buying process from start to finish: from showings to contract negotiations to the closing. A Realtor will make sure that you have a smooth transaction and protect your interests. Third, you need to be accompanied by a Realtor to view the listings. Fourth and best of all, it does not cost you anything as a buyer! There are many more reasons that I will be happy to share with you if you are on the fence about working with a Realtor.

Q: I am ready to buy a home, what do I do now?

A: Great, you picked a wonderful time to buy! Your first step is to speak with a mortgage broker about getting pre-approved for a loan. Your Realtor should have a recommendation for you should you need one. Your Realtor will need this pre-approval letter to determine what price range is best for you. This letter is also needed to accompany your offer on a home. Your offer will not be accepted without it. If you plan on paying with cash, a bank letter or statement showing proof of funds will be needed. You should have these ready prior to going to view homes.

Q: How soon before I want to purchase a home should I start looking?

A:  You should be ready to make an offer right away if you find what you are looking for. If you wait, it will most likely be gone. The good deals are going quick! Keep in mind; short sales may take several months to go through after you make the offer.

Q: What is the difference between a regular sale, short sale, and a foreclosure?

A:  A regular sale is a traditional sale with a seller selling his or her home. A short sale occurs when a seller is selling the home for less than what is owed to the bank.  Often there is a hardship involved where the seller can no longer afford to pay his or her mortgage. Although the seller must first approve the offer, the bank will have final say on the approval and what price to accept. The seller does not take any proceeds; they all go to the bank. This is what the majority of the current market is. A foreclosure occurs when the bank has taken full possession of the home and is selling it through an REO agent. The seller no longer owns the home and all negotiations are with the bank. These often become a bidding process where the listing goes to the highest bidder. Foreclosures move more quickly than short sales.

Hope this helps! Please contact me if you have any other questions or, I can help you with anything 🙂

Your Downtown Orlando Realtor

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or rent in downtown Orlando…I am the Realtor for the job! I offer property management services as well. I love to assist anyone from first-time homebuyers to investors.

I live, work, and play downtown. It is my neighborhood and, I know it well.

Contact me today to check out the luxury downtown lifestyle. The prices are amazing and, you could be just a few steps away from owning your dream high-rise condo!